Br Cleaning

Window Cleaning Service

BR cleaning is a specialized enterprise in the field of window-cleaning business of supermarkets ,stores,large shopping centers, hotels, offices as long as apartments.

  • Don’t forget that windows are the surface through which we can notice the splash, fingerprints and abandoned spots  left there throughout time.
  • Either it is office cleaning, industrial cleaning or a residential cleaning, our team of technicians will serve you with all types of windows cleaning. In fact, our performance is efficient, precise and fast. We run work missions on a daily basis with multiple partners and clients. Your windows reflect your enterprise’s front image, they are your portal towards the outside and towards people.
  • Also, windows are the porter of the daylight, they symbolize energy, clarity and activity. The light sparkles motivation into your employees’ spirits.
  • The windows cleaning services include  windows , bay windows of shops  and beauty salons.

Cleaning of vitrines, verandas, and glass in Belguim 

  • It is recommended to do a regular and perfected cleaning for you windows . Our collabortes possess high quality materials ( special clothes etc..) and windows cleaning products that also of a very high quality and compatible with all types of surfaces and they are also ecological to protect the nature and offer clean and comfortable environment for our clients and partners. In order to achieve a good sanitary hygiene, BR cleaning technicians are well trained and competent for such tasks. They use perfumed cleaning tools and utilize antistatic solutions. You will eventually end up with brilliant clean windows due to our services. There are ares that are difficult to clean like certain spots in appartement windows and in verandas or glass  therefore the intervention of specialized enterprise in the field is the best solution for these issues. Also, there are certain types of windows cleaning that require a professional intervention qnd thats why our business is the best to take care of the situation. And in such situations they utilize adequate material so that they can manage the difficult inaccessible areas or dangerous areas.
  • Our staff is equipped with scales, suction cup, nacelles so they would be fully prepared for all kinds of conditions.
  • Cleaning windows of supermarkets 
  • The facade of a shop and windows represents the first impression through which the client evaluates you and also reflects the employees’ work atmosphere 
  • and the market’s windows have to be regularly taken care of. 
  • Indeed, windows represent the first interaction the client has with you therefore it has to be clean and luminous.
  • The windows cleaning techniques also include the services of high pressure cleaning, applying hydrofuges solution to obtain a perfect pollution and humidity resistance. 
  • It i recommended to do a daily cleaning before the market opens.