Br Cleaning

Commercial Properties Cleaning

For all cleaning services of you shops and agencies that are located in Ghent, Belgium, We provide a very effective and quick intervention as we supply you with a detailed fixed price quotation and timeline. It’s up to you to choose: shop cleaning, commercial property cleaning, commercial agency cleaning. Our services are defined as either a single intervention, or a series of interventions, specific or holistic provision, you make the choice.

  • Are you looking for a dust-removal or air filtration system for you installed software base ?  We got what you are looking for!
  • Thanks to our cleaning machinery that is provided with a high-pressure cleaning equipment, we can carefully remove the valve from the plant from your workspace.
  • You also have external areas that could not be easily accessible? ( terraces, balconies,  glazing etc..) ?
  • We also have got the adequate material and the solution for it ( nacelle, scaffolding, spider graph ).
  • You have parquets that require protection ? We offer an exceptional range of portable, personalized solutions : waxes, polish, colour shades, spray cleaning oiling.
  • You have metallized surfaces? In order to avoid the darkening the scratches or micro scratches causes by powered roof or any heavy stuff, these surfaces could be easily shielded by remetallized spray, with complete enhancement of brightness.
  • Marbles ?
  • We master the chemical treatment and mechanical surfaces that through crystallisation make your marble highly resistant to mechanical aggression and make it utterly waterproof.
  • Also, this mission is followed by  polishing your marbles thus it accentuates the  brightness of your surface.
  • You have graffitis within your restroom, or tags on storefront?
  • No worries! Not only we scrub them, but we also definitely protect these surfaces thanks to our anti-graffitis based paint.
  • You have sludge, grease, tartar damaged surface? Once again we have got the solution.
  • Your properties should be maintained after being damaged ( fire or water damage) ?
  • No worries, it is definitely within our reach.