BR Cleaning includes many companies in the industry sector. All you have to do is to illustrate your needs to us and through the implementation of our solutions we guarantee you professional cleaning and full maintenance of your industrial work sites. We also guarantee providing you with customized accompaniment that is flexible and rigorous thus boosts your productivity and allows you to focus on your job/mission.

Our scope of action :

We offer the basic maintenance to your place (office, production area, storage area)

Sanitation maintenance and management of consumables.

Maintenance of floor surface, workshop, laboratories

Industrial air and smoke filtering of furniture and ground surface

Waste management and waste is systematically sorted for recycling.

Maintenance of glazing work and sliding glass doors.

soil decontamination and remediation

Carpet cleaning

Thermoplastic soil protection

stripping and crystallisation of stone floors.

sanding dust on stone floors

Sanding and vitrification of parquet flooring

Washing the floors with concrete products


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