Br Cleaning

Apartment and house cleaning

For a complete cleaning of your apartment that meets our high standard of cleanliness, we start with a thorough detail-clean throughout your apartment. Firstly,we start with establishing complete and transparent circumstances so that we can plan and expect the scale of the task that has to be done. Then, once the draft agreement is signed, we will pay you a visit so we would start accomplishing our mission. We will also carefully detail-clean all your surface structured in tiled, marble, carpets, tissues, wood, aluminium etc. Of course, all this includes cleaning your sanitary facilities, kitchen faucets, the kitchen, balcony etc… With BR CLEANING company, you will be provided with flawless services.

  • We provide a whole house detail-clean that guarantees a flawless cleaning mission, and for that we have a well-developed team that is specialised in cleaning and equipped with the latest machinery that are compliant with the most demanding and rigorous standards in the  environmental and technical assessment.
  • Added to that, we utilize modern and advanced well developed cleaning machinery such as vacuum cleaner with low airflow, water vacuum cleaners, single-disc machines, steam cleaners, extractor cleaners, floor polisher with involve very high pressure equipment, scrubber-driers, steamer, etc…
  • Also, our cleaning machinery provide a strong and advanced performance but we surely do also utilize the classical cleaning tools such as brushes, brooms, sponges, mops, cloth, steel wool etc..
  • For a perfectly cleaned apartment, put your trust in the hand of a specialist, you will surely be surprised by our high quality services and the benefits our company offers.